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Interview with Sonia Osorio

Sonia Osorio, Magda Egas Café for three 1990

Bogotá, March 25, 1928 - Cartagena de Indias, March 28, 2011



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The Colombian National Folk Ballet exists since 1955, created by the prolific and genial dancer and choreographer, Sonia Osorio.

From the seaside city of Barranquilla to the capital, Bogota, the Ballet captured the adoration of the Colombian public on its way to conquer the most exclusive stages of the capitals of the world.

Designed officially by then President, Misael Pastrana in 1973 as The National Ballet of Colombia it has proceeded to perform and receive standing ovations in Paris, Tokyo, Berlin, Washington, Moscow, New York, Budapest, Chicago, Warsaw, Miami, México, Belgrade, Sao Paulo, Roma, Buenos Aires, Brussels, Santiago de Chile, Tel Aviv, Lima, Jordan, Quito, Egypt, Santo Domingo, Monte Carlo, Puerto Rico, Hollywood, Panamá, Madrid y Beijing among other cities…

Today, because of the passing of Ms. Osorio in 2011, the Ballet continues under the direction of her son, Rodrigo Obregon Osorio who carries on her legacy with a creative and spectacular folk ballet where the ancestral roots of Colombian culture mix with the exigency of Ballet and modern spectacle.

The cast is composed of 30 dancers and 11 musicians able to perform repertoires of great scenic demands to provide a spectacle of the highest category with the intent of displaying the richness of Colombian culture, the multiplicity of our race and the force of our passion.

Sonia Osorio

Sonia started dancing at three years old or as the family used to say, “She didn’t learned to walk first, she started dancing all at once”. She studied Ballet and Modern Dance in United States, South America and Europe dedicating herself mainly to choreography and understanding spectacle.

Descendant of one of the most traditional families of Colombia, she’s the daughter of one of the precursors of Colombian theater, Luis Enrique Osorio, a writer and director. She is also the great great granddaughter of Alejandro Osorio Uribe, the first Mayor of Bogota after the defeat of the Spanish Empire and Minister of War of Simon Bolivar.

In her own right, she was a journalist, a designer and choreographer. Her knowledge of universal culture and folk dances gave her the capacity to stage the international spectacles of the well-known Carnival of Barranquilla to the one she imprinted the indelible mark of her genius and with her Ballet she conquered the appreciation of the whole world.

Sonia Osorio was given the Order of Boyacá, the highest decoration the Colombian Government has in recognition of her labor as an Ambassador of Colombian Folklore and Culture.

Bogotá, March 25, 1928 - Cartagena de Indias, March 28, 2011


The Ballet’s mission is to contribute to the preservation of the folklore and cultural traditions of the different peoples of Colombia, taking them around the world and in a first class spectacle present them to thousands of spectators year by year.

This Ballet has toured internationally for 62 years with our passion as a banner through the highest expression of Colombian Folklore. Since 1955 it has contributed to the positive positioning of Colombia’s image around the world and within Colombia as well, awarding Colombians with innumerable triumphs and recognitions that fill our countrymen with pride.


It is a Ballet and Folklor School with more than 60 years of experience forming dancers.

The National Ballet also works in the strengthening of culture in Colombia and in the preservation of cultural traditions, through its arts academy in Bogotá, in which children, adolescents and adults are reunited with their folklore


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Taking our folklore and creating new shows at the forefront, offering a variety of presentations according to the needs of the client.

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Would you like to be part of the National Ballet of Colombia? Write us and schedule your audition, we have auditions every Wednesday, bring your resume and comfortable clothes, all you need is some experience in Folklor.


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